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Bereket Hailemariam: 

Chief Executive Officer of BeLil Creatives. He leads all aspects of Company’s technology business, technology strategy, leveraging emerging technologies to bring the newest innovations to our clients. Bereket has over 15 years experience in Software Engineering and proving solutions to businesses in various sectors. Bereket has a Masters Degree in Software Engineering and Bachelor in Computer Science. He has done several projects in website development for small, medium and large enterprises, he has developed business enterprise software for businesses to monitor operations, service, performance. 


Meron Terffa: 


Chief Financial Officer of BeLil Creatives. Meron is responsible for the company’s financial reporting and analysis, strategic planning and analysis and business development functions. Meron has a Bachelor of Art in Business Administration. Bachelor of Science in Information Management Systems. Meron has 4 years experience as a software program in enterprise software development and over 8 years experience in the financial industry. 


Our Value shape the culture of our company. We live our core value through our interactions and services. 

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